Python Tkinter TopLevel

In this tutorial, we will learn about Python Tkinter TopLevel. Tkinter TopLevel is used to show top-level screen and which directly managed by the window manager.

The main motive of showing top-level window is to show extra information on-screen, pop-up or to show a group of widgets in a different window.

Syntax to add Python Tkinter TopLevel:

w = Toplevel(options)   
  • options: Here is the list of most commonly used options for this widget.

Example Program of Python Tkinter TopLevel:

from tkinter import *  
mainWindow= Tk()  
def open():  
    top = Toplevel(mainWindow)  
button = Button(mainWindow, text = "open", command = open),y=50)  

Output Python Tkinter TopLevel:

Python Tkinter TopLevel

Various possible options in Python Tkinter TopLevel:

bgThis option helps us to set the normal background colour of the window.
bdThis option is used to set the size of the border around the widget.
This option helps us to set the style of cursor like an arrow, dot etc
fontThis option is used to set font type in the widget.
fgThis option is used to set the foreground colour widget.
heightThis helps us to set the height of the window.
reliefThis helps us to set the type of the window.
widthThis helps us to set the width of the window.

Tkinter TopLevel Methods:

After learning about various available options in Python Tkinter TopLevel Its time to check out some available methods for Tkinter TopLevel widget.

deiconify()This method is used to display the window on the screen.
frame()This method returns a window identifier which is system-specific.
group(window)This method is used to add a window in the mentioned window group.
iconify()This method is used to turns the window into an icon.
protocol(name,function)This method is used to define a method which can be called for a specific protocol.
state()This method returns the current state of the window.
transient(master)This method is used to convert this window to a transient window.
withdraw()This method is used to remove the window from the screen.
maxsize(w,h)This method is used to define the maximum size of the window(w=width, h=height).
minsize(w,h)This method is used to define the minimum size of the window(w=width, h=height).
resizable(w,h)This method is used to define whether a widow can be resized or not.
title(string)This method is used to set the title for the window.
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