Python Tkinter Menu

In this tutorial, we will learn about Python Tkinter Menu. Tkinter Menu helps us to add a menu in the Python application. we can create three kinds of the menu using Menu widget which is: pop-up, top-level and pull-down.

Syntax to add Python Tkinter Menu:

w = Menu (master, options)  
  • master: This represents the parent window.
  • optionsHere is the list of most commonly used options for this widget.

Example Program of Python Tkinter Menu:

from tkinter import *  
mainWindow = Tk()  


menubar = Menu(mainWindow)

filemenu = Menu(menubar, tearoff=0)
filemenu.add_command(label="Save as")

menubar.add_cascade(label="File", menu=filemenu)

editmenu = Menu(menubar, tearoff=0)
editmenu.add_command(label="Select All")

menubar.add_cascade(label="Edit", menu=editmenu)




Python Tkinter menu

Various possible options in Python Tkinter Menu:

activebackgroundThis option is used to set background color of widget under focus.
activeborderwidthThis option is used to set width of border when widget under mouse. By default it is 1px.
activeforegroundThis option is used to set foreground color of widget under focus.
bgThis option helps us to set normal background color of widget.
bdThis option helps us to set the border size around widget.
cursorThis option helps us to set the style of cursor like an arrow, dot etc.
disabledforegroundThis option is used to disable text color of widget.
fontThis option is used to set font type in widget.
fgThis option helps us to set normal foreground colour of widget.
reliefThis helps us to set the style of the border by which is default Flat.
selectcolorThis option is used to set color of selected RadioButton or CheckBox.
titleThis option is used to set the title of the window.

Python Tkinter Menu Methods:

After learning about various available options in Python Tkinter Menu. Its time to check out some available methods for Python Tkinter Menu widget.

add_command(options)This method is used to add menu items in the menu widget.
add_radiobutton(options)This method is used to add radio buttons in the menu widget.
add_checkbutton(options)This method is used to add the check button in the menu button.
add_cascade(options)This method is used to add one menu into another menu to create a hierarchical menu.
add_seperator()This method is used to create a separator line in the menu.
add(type, options)This method is used to add a specific menu item in the menu widget.
delete(startindex, endindex)This method is used to delete all the menu items from the menu which falls between specified range,
entryconfig(index, options)This method is used to modify(changing options) menu item at the given index.
index(item)This method is used to get the index number of the specified menu item.
insert_seperator(index)This method is used to add a separator at a specified index.
type(index)This method returns the type of specified index item such as “cascade”, “checkbutton”, “command”, “radiobutton”, “separator”, or “tearoff”.
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