Introduction to PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

PHP stands for Hypertext pre processor and it is a well-known language to develop a web application. In short definition, PHP is server-side, open source technology which is used to develop web applications ( Web applications help us to process data on the server side and to generate dynamic web pages for clients )

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Difference between Client-side and server-side scripting language: -

You have might hear many times client side or server side scripting languages. But do you know the difference between client-side and server-side scripting language?.

  • Main Difference between client side and server side scripting languages is that Server Side Scripting languages need server to run mean we can not run these kind of languages directly on client machine. On the other side client side scripting can directly work on client machine.
  • Moreover, End user can not see server side code because whole code only stay at server. Server side code will process user request and send only result back to user. But end user can see client side scripting code. Because client side scripting code work on client machine.

Now we know PHP is sever side scripting language. It mean we can not run code written in PHP directly on our PC. So it mean we need server to run code written in PHP. Do not worry I am not gonna tell you to buy server. We have another option we can create a virtual server in PC. There are lot of free software in market that allow us to create virtual server in our PC. Follow next lesson to learn how to setup Environment for PHP in your PC.

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Introduction to PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Introduction to PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Introduction to PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Introduction to PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

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