Introduction to Java

Java language was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems Inc. In starting they were thinking to name this language oak, But this name was already registered by another company so they named is as Java. Java is breed of coffee. So that is by coffee mug is logo of Java. Sun Microsystems was developed in year 1982 by four persons. From these four persons One person was Vinod Khosla. He was an Indian and passed out from IIT Delhi. Java was originated at Sun Microsystem in 1991.

Introduction to Java

Sun Microsystems Company developed software for Appliances. But there was problem they had to developed software for every platform even they were working same so that is by they invent Java language to overcome this problem. On January 27, 2010 Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle Corporation for US $ 7.4 billion

Java is Everywhere:

It is a slogan by the java and it is true because java resides in mobiles. Client machines, server machines, embedded devices, smart phones, cloud etc.

Java Flavours:

  • Java SE (Standard Edition) (Core Java)
  • Java EE (Enterprise Edition) (Advance Java)
  • Java ME(Micro Edition) (For Mobiles)

Java Versions


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Introduction to Java Introduction to Java Introduction to Java Introduction to Java

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