Introduction to JQuery

In this tutorial we will learn Introduction to JQuery. JQuery is fast and easy JavaScript library which is created by John Resig in 2006. JQuery allow us to do different kind of task on client machine like to validate forms in website and show popups on web page. If you want to learn JQuery you must have some basic knowledge of JavaScript language. If you ever have worked in JavaScript language then it gonna be so easy to you to learn JQuery. So without wasting time we will directly move to learn some basic features of JQuery.

Introduction to JQuery learn Jquery for free

Here is list of some basic features of JQuery

  • Animations: There are lot of in built animations effects in JQuery which we can use directly ijn our websites.
  • Lightweight: JQuery is so lightweight mean it is so small in size (in kbs).
  • Cross Browser Support: It mean JQuery work fine on most of the web browsers.
  • AJAX Support: If you want to use AJAX in your website then JQuery will help you very well.
  • Event Handling: Event handling mean you can handle events link click or hover on different elements of web page using JQuery.

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Introduction to JQuery Introduction to JQuery Introduction to JQuery Introduction to JQuery

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