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Introduction to CSS

CSS stands foe Cascading Style Sheets. We use this language to describe how HTML tags will look on screen in other words we use this language to provide style to HTML tag.

Note! if you want to learn CSS you must have knowledge about HTML. Click Here to learn HTML.

CSS helps us to make centralized style for all web pages of site that makes our work so easy and with CSS you can make website so attractive because CSS provide us tons of properties to add with HTML tags.

Introduction to CSS learn java freee

Simple Example: -

Before Applying CSS: - <h4>This is simple h4 </h4> <h5>This is simple h5 </h5> output: -

This is simple h4

This is simple h2

After Applying CSS: - <h4 style="color:blue">This is simple h4 </h4> <h5 style="color:green">This is simple h5 </h5> output: -

This is simple h4

This is simple h5

This is example of simple inline CSS. As you can see to apply inline CSS on any HTML tag. we have to write style attribute and we have to mention all the properties of CSS in that style attribute. In case to want to add multiple CSS properties for one HTML you can separate properties with semi-colon(;) sign. For Example

Multiple CSS Properties: - <h4 style="color:blue; font-family: Times New Roman ; font-size:35px">Multiple CSS Properties </h4> output: -

Multiple CSS Properties

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