Introduction to AJAX

In this tutorial we will learn a brief Introduction to AJAX. AJAX is abbreviation of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is technique with which we can create fast, better and interactive websites. In this technique we use HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript together to create dynamic web pages. AJAX use HTML to to fill content in web page and use CSS to set presentation of web page and JavaScript to dynamically change content in web page without reloading web page.

Introduction to AJAX learn AJAX Training free

In normal web pages when we send request to our web server by clicking on a button or by clicking on any link it uses synchronous requests. When we request to web server for new page(Data) our web server give us new web page(with update content) that is the reason why our web page get reload while submitting a request to web server.

But in case of AJAX we use JavaScript to send request to our Web Server for new Content in Background. It mean with we will use use AJAX in our web page our web page will able to load content dynamically without reloading our web page. It means end will never know we send any request to our web server for requesting new content. A user can use web page normally while we send request to server in background.

Technologies used in AJAX

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • DOM
  • XMLHttpRequest

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Introduction to AJAX Introduction to AJAX Introduction to AJAX Introduction to AJAX

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