HTML Table

In this tutorial, we will learn about HTML Table. HTML Table element is used to show the table on the web page. Suppose you want to show Time Table on your web page in this case you can use Table element. Let’s check tags use to create a table in a Web page.

We have four main tags to make table in web page. These are as follow.

  • table tag: We use table tag to start and end table.
  • tr tag: tr tag use to start a new row in a table every time to start tr tag it creates a new row in the table.
  • th tag: In tr tag, we write th tag to add heading in table
  • td tag: In tr tag, we write td tag to add data in the table.


<table border="1px">
<tr><th>Student Name</th><th>Marks</th></tr>


Student NameMarks
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