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Date in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we will learn Date in JavaScript. JavaScript Date method helps us to do various basic functions like to get the current date, time and year. We can also add timers on the Web pages with the help of the date object. Date object provides us with four types of constructors we can use any according to… Read More »

String in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we will learn about String in JavaScript. In Strings are normally defined as a sequence of character. For example “Owlbuddy” Yes you can say “Owlbuddy” is a String in the programming language. There are two ways to define String in JavaScript: Using String literal Using String object Now we will check each way to create and we will… Read More »

Array in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we will learn about Array in JavaScript. If you ever learn any other programming language then you would have a clear idea about Array. For those who are listening to this word for the very first time. The array is a collection of similar type of data elements. We use a single literal to fetch or add… Read More »

Objects in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we will learn about Objects in JavaScript. JavaScript is an Object-Oriented based language. Because programmers can perform basic oops concepts in code while working in JavaScript. But there is some difference as compared to other object-oriented programming languages. Because in JavaScript we don’t create classes. Because we create objects directly. it means you can say its… Read More »

Operators in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we will learn about Operators in JavaScript. Operators are special symbols and we use these operators to perform some operation on operands. For example, we want to add two number 5 and 10 so we will use + operator there to add these two numbers. JavaScript provides us with a variety of operators. These operators are… Read More »