Thread class methods

In this tutorial, we will learn about Thread class methods. In the last tutorial, we already saw two thread class methods run() and start() method. There are a lot of other methods in Thread class. Check this following list. Method Description public void start() This method is used start the execution of thread. public void …

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Thread in Java

In this tutorial, we will learn ways to create a Thread in Java. There are two ways to create the thread in Java first one is by extending Thread class and the second one is by implementing Runnable interface. Creating a thread using Thread Class: Thread class contain constructors and methods which helps us to …

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Multi-Threading in Java

In this tutorial, we will learn about Multi-Threading in Java. In java we can run more than one threads(a piece of code) simultaneously at the same time with the help of Multithreading and each piece code can perform a different task. Here thread means a lightweight process which can perform some task in the program. …

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