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Pointer in C

In this tutorial, we will learn about Pointer in C. C Pointer are variables which store the address of another variable. We can create a Pointer variable of any type such as int, char, array, function, or any other pointer. Before going further it is important to know that how we can declare a pointer …

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String in C

In this tutorial we will learn about the String in C. String is collection of character but in the background, the string is One-dimensional array is used to which terminates with null character ‘\0’. The null character at the end of the string tells the compiler about the end of the string Initializing a String …

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Array in C

In this tutorial, we will learn about Array in C. Array is a collection of the same type(data type) of elements which stored at contiguous memory locations. We can create an array using ant primitive data type such as int, float, double, char, etc of any particular type. To store elements in an array and …

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Constants in C

In this tutorial, we will learn about Constants in C. Constants are fixed values. It means after defining a variable we can not change value. These fixed values are also called literals. Defining Constants There are two simple ways in C to define constants − Using #define preprocessor. Using const keyword. The #define Preprocessor Please check out the following syntax …

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Functions in C

In this tutorial, we will learn about Functions in C. While writing programs there are many situations when we need to perform the same kind functionality many times. So it means we have to write the same code multiple times in the program. To overcome this kind of problem we have concept called functions in …

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