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Try expression in Kotlin

The Try can be also used as Try expression in Kotlin. The Try expression returns the last expression of try block or last expression of catch. The finally block working doesn’t get affected in Try expression. To understand Try expression is Kotlin please check out the following example program. Example Program without Exception: Output: Example …

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Pointer in C

In this tutorial, we will learn about Pointer in C. C Pointer are variables which store the address of another variable. We can create a Pointer variable of any type such as int, char, array, function, or any other pointer. Before going further it is important to know that how we can declare a pointer …

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String in C

In this tutorial, we will learn about the String in C. String is collection of character but in the background, the string is One-dimensional array is used to which terminates with null character ‘\0’. The null character at the end of the string tells the compiler about the end of the string Initializing a String …

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