5 Best Web Browsers in 2020

In this blog, we will see 5 best Web Browsers in 2020. Web Brower is Software which allows us to surf the internet on the device(laptop, tablets, PC and mobiles etc). There are various web browsers are available in the market from various companies. There are a lot of browsers that provide the fastest browsing experience. Some browsers also provide various extensions in browsers to make the user experience better. Here is a list of best Web Browers in 2020 for windows 10.

Google Chrome:
Google Chrome is quite famous among users because of its clean interface and fast browsing speed. This is free and provides a lot of extensions to use. There are a lot of users who accuse this browser of eating all the RAM.

This web browser provides various features like:

Bookmark management
Incognito mode
Profile management

Mozilla Firefox:
The second browser in our list is Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox provides really fast browsing experience and It has really elegant interface.

This web browser provides various features like:

Enhanced tab management
Complete disabling of tracking(Tracking Protection)
Blocking in-browser crypto mining

Microsoft Edge Chromium:
Microsoft Edge is a default browser in Windows 10. The best thing about Edge browser it supports almost all of Google Chrome extensions and improves heavily in terms of performance

This Web Browser provides various features like:

Elegant User interface
Multiple Profile Management
Tracking prevention
Support Google Chrome extensions
PDF viewer
Dark theme

Opera :
Opera mini is a well-known web browser in mobiles. Opera is losing its popularity because of chrome it’s becoming the first choice of most users. Opera is working so hard to keep its place in marketing. It’s usually considered as the best Firefox alternative by many users.

This Web Browser provides various features like:

Data compression mode
Battery saver
In-built ad-blocker
Screenshot tool
Crypto mining prevention
VPN service
Currency converter
Support Chrome extensions

chromium is the Open Source best alternative for Chrome browser. The interface of these two browsers is almost the same. In Chromium, you can use your google account to sign in. It’s an open-source web browser so you will updates for frequent than other web browsers due to these frequent updates some times Chromium face problems while working.

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